Resources on James Baldwin

Baldwin's Consolidated Lectures and Interviews

Resources for Baldwin scholarship are sparse, so I've collected nearly 50 hours of Baldwin's speeches and interviews into the list linked below.

Transcripts are included where I could find them, though many will require institutional access or a subscription.

Baldwin's Lectures and Interviews

Much of this is untranscribed, so here's the citation convention I use:

Baldwin, "Media Title." Upload site: Uploader, Date uploaded. [Timestamps]

Keep in mind that the dates I have provided often rely on either the uploader's word or context clues from the content itself, neither of which can be quite guaranteed to meet academic standards. The citation convention provided should give readers enough information to track down source locations.

If you have questions, corrections, or tips for missing content, you can send them to consolidatedbaldwin (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Picture: Portrait of James Baldwin by Lucy Le Bohec, 2020 @lucylebohecart.